StackOverflow Answers (WordPress Widget)

Widget to display a summary of answers you have posted in StackOverflow. It will display the question’s title, the answer’s score, and the time the answer was last edited. You can limit the number of questions displaying and sort the list based on: Highest score. Oldest answer. Newest answer.

Symfony 2.1 Console Cheat Sheet

Symfony2 has many useful command lines to help you. The command lines can assist you with Symfony2 development and saves time when you are coding. I have listed below a few of the commands that I know of with details of how they can be used.

fputcsv() function with SplFileObject

The SplFileObject is a replacement object oriented approach for php filesystem functions. Not all of the functions are part of the SPL classes. fputcsv() is only available from PHP 5.4 onwards. However, it is not too hard to replicate the function if you are not using PHP 5.4. Here is how I implemented it, short…

Code Sign error: Certificate identity in Xcode

When my certificate identity expired recently, I had to renew it. This was completed successfully, but when I tried to build/run my new iPhone application, I got the following error: Code Sign error: Certificate identity ‘iPhone Developer: xxxxxxxx’ appears more than once in the keychain. The codesign tool requires there only be one. Ok. So…

Argument unpacking in PHP5.6

PHP 5.6 comes with some new features. This post is to preview the Argument unpacking.

Variadic functions in PHP5.6

PHP 5.6 comes with some new features. This post is to preview the Variadic functions This new feature looks as follows: